IoT with EPOS

EPOS has been receiving several enhancements focused on IoT, particularly the SmartData API, which is documented in the section Sensing and Actuation Wireless Sensor Network of EPOS User Guide. The use of SmartData with EPOSMoteIII is straightforward and the basic pointers are listed next.

1.1. EPOS @ EPOSMote III

EPOSMote III is at the heart of most projects at LISHA's IoT Platform. It is also one of the main target platforms for EPOS 2.

  • Refer to EPOSMoteIII Quick-Start page to learn how to download, compile, and run a simple application on EPOS at the EPOSMote III.
  • For more information on how to upload the compiled image to EPOSMoteIII follow the guidelines in EPOSMoteIII User Guide
  • Also, refer to EPOS User Guide for any question not covered here.

1.2. LISHA's IoT Platform

Refer to IoT Platform for a description of LISHA's IoT Platform and available APIs.